It’s been a lot!

It’s been a lot!

There was no way I’d miss writing my blog today, in a new week! Never!! consistency and productivity need to continue! 

So let’s center the focus on a topic. #BlackLivesMatter & #Mindset.

The Black Lives movement was necessary, is still necessary and will continue to be necessary!!!

When everything took off it was somewhat surreal. There were days you could still feel a looming heaviness of confusion, wails from years of pain and what felt like a necessary shift/eye-opener.

I saw the pressures of what it means to be Black, A Black woman, and an artist. You are expected to speak up but not be too loud. I learnt having a skin tone that’s political means there are people who want your story, not to help, but for trauma porn. I learnt that if you do not feel comfortable sharing your traumatic experience it’s fine, you don’t have to be an activist, choosing to step aside for a while for your sanity is okay. I saw people cry, create art, videos, educate, donate, march and I saw allyship.

Despite everything, what stuck with me is, I as an individual, A black woman, Nigerian and raised in Ireland, I need to know my worth and consciously, actively unlearn behaviours taught in a world that doesn’t value Black people. This meant seeking and reading more on black history, listening to people that had the strength to share their stories comfortably, know my own roots, unlearn and learn. And most importantly, uplift my black people wherever I go in whatever meetings I’m in.

Earlier, I put up a message saying, “Do you know how awful it is to have to research how a county treats black people before travelling for holiday or visiting new places?”. the response from it was quite obvious because it showed this isn’t a reality for white folks.

I’d also like to add, for those who say racism doesn’t exist in countries that are “tolerant” of black people, you are being very naive and that is a problem. It shouldn’t take the extreme end of racism to occur, for you to know racism exists everywhere. As Aunty Loah said, “When someone says a racial slur to you or is aggressive towards you or casually racist, that’s one part of the spectrum and the fullest expression of that spectrum is murder”.

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I’ll simply leave it at, it’s vital you unlearn negative stereotypes, mentality, expectations, and standards you have been taught, that don’t serve you or causes harm to others around you.


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Thank you! 

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  • orla coleman (Rori's sister!)
    Reply 4 August 2020 15:41

    Tolu – thanks for taking the time to write this painful truth. Your honesty will help us unify and support one another through awareness, compassion and respect which should and must be granted to all. We will not rest and mankind cannot thrive until this is a reality

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