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Ibrahimovic offers Van Bommel to Milan owner.

Royal Antwerp Dutch coach Mark van Bommel is Zlatan Ibrahimovic top choice for AC Milan owners. Italian media outlet Register ufabet reported that Ibrahimovic, as a senior advisor to AC Milan’s owners, presented Van Bommel, a former teammate who is now managing Royal Antwerp. in

White was impressed with Havertz performance.

Ben White, Arsenal defender, was impressed with Kai Havertz performance, who scored 2 goals against his old team, Chelsea, in a 5-0 win yesterday, because he always saw Deutsche’s players working hard in every aspect. And it is worthy of continuing form on the field.

Negative effects on health from playing on the smartphone.

Nowadays “smartphone” are more than just phones used to communicate. Because we can receive information. Enjoy entertainment, watch movies, listen to music, play games, take photos and record videos all from a single mobile phone lifestyle. Negative effects on health that many people may overlook from using a smartphone for

Benefits of boiled egg.

This simple boiled egg has many universal benefits for the body. Both help build muscle. Strengthens the immune system, nourishes bones, nails, hair, eyesight, brain and reduces the risk of heart disease. Boiled eggs provide the main nutrient, which is protein, but they also have other nutrients that

How is a low-carb diet good for people with diabetes?

Many research studies indicate that Eating a low-carb diet helps people control their diabetes better. One study of subjects with type 2 diabetes who ate a low-carbohydrate diet for 6 months found that they had significantly better control over their diabetes. And for those with type 1 diabetes

How much sugar does the body need each day ?

Since 1 gram of sugar provides 4 kilocalories of energy, 1 teaspoon of sugar (which is equal to approximately 4 grams) provides 16 kilocalories of energy. Therefore, sugar consumption must be controlled so as not to exceed the limit. By the Nutrition Division The appropriate amount of

7 foods you must be careful of

Girls who don’t want acne on their faces Let me tell you that you should give importance to foods. Because of the factors that cause acne It’s not just genetics or hormones. But it also includes the food you eat each day as well. Today, we have gathered together 7