7 foods you must be careful of

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Girls who don’t want acne on their faces Let me tell you that you should give importance to foods. Because of the factors that cause acne It’s not just genetics or hormones. But it also includes the food you eat each day as well. Today, we have gathered together 7 types of food that girls can eat. When did you accidentally eat a large amount? Prepare to face the problem of acne invading your face. Let’s see what are the 7 foods that easily cause acne.

1. Desserts:

Desserts are desserts that have a high sugar content. Therefore, if the body receives excessive amounts of sugar The body will produce the hormone insulin to reduce excess sugar. Resulting in increased fat production in the body. and cause subsequent blockage. And what will happen next is acne.

2. Products from cow’s milk

Cow’s milk products Whether it’s cheese, milk, or yogurt, it’s a food that contains carbohydrates, iodine, and omega-6 fatty acids. All of these nutrients are the triggers for inflamed acne and pus-filled acne. It also stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

3. Gluten Gluten

is a nutrient found in bread, crackers, bakery, Patongko, steamed buns, as well as foods made from malt or wheat flour. Which is why these types of foods are responsible for causing acne. This is because when our body is unable to completely digest gluten. There will be residue that results in the digestive system being upset. Cause problems in excretion. The skin becomes inflamed. and also causes acne inflammation As well as acne outbreaks easily

4. Sodium:

Sodium is found in salt, canned food, processed food, and various sauces. These foods have a very high sodium content. When is the body’s sodium intake too high? It will disturb the food absorption process and make it work harder than before. Therefore causing the body to expel waste and sweat through the pores. Resulting in irritation of the skin. Until it causes inflamed acne.

5. Omega 6 fatty acids

Omega 6 fatty acids Can be found in fried and oily foods. This type of acid is responsible for causing acne inflammation. And acne gets clogged easily. As for the foods that we are very familiar with that contain omega-6 fatty acids, they include junk food, red meat, milk, eggs, soybean oil, etc.

6. Spicy food

Food that is very spicy When ingested, it causes the blood to pump too much. And that will cause acne to flare up alarmingly. In addition, eating very spicy food It also stimulates the sweat and sebaceous glands to work harder than before. Therefore, if the sweat and fat glands work hard What will happen after that is The occurrence of acne is increasing. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

7. Alcoholic drinks,

alcoholic drinks will destroy the balance within the body causing the body to be out of balance It also causes toxins to remain in the body as well. which when residual toxins The body will respond by eliminating waste. Of course, the skin is one way to help get rid of toxins. And when excessive excretion of waste occurs through the skin? It will cause skin irritation. Until causing inflamed acne to follow.

Let’s just say girls. Who doesn’t want to risk having acne on their face? It is recommended to try to avoid or reduce the amount of food you eat these 7 types of food and then focus on eating fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water. Including exercising regularly They all help prevent births
as well.