Research shows that spending money on travel makes you happier than shopping.

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Research shows that spending money on travel makes you happier than shopping.

“Because we all have financial constraints. So you should spend your “money”. What makes you the happiest at UFABET.”

Have you ever wondered.. why every time the salary is paid You are struggling to find something to add happiness to your life. whether it is food at a luxury restaurant brand name clothes or the newest phone..

that’s because We need mental happiness or “fin moment” to fill in the missing part of our lives, but after a few days, the things. That we were happy with the day before does not make us happy anymore Causing us to go buy something new to buy “Fin Moment” again and keep looping like this

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, has been studying the behavior of people using money to create happiness for over two decades. “The enemy of happiness is habit.” We buy things to make ourselves happy. But as time passed, the feeling of excitement about those things gradually diminished. So instead of buying money on travel a new iPhone or BMW Series 7, Dr. Gilovich suggests that we should pay for experiences such as outdoor activities. improve your skills or to travel to new places instead

The happiness that comes from shopping and the happiness

That comes from traveling have different effects. By the joy of things, they have their time. It will diminish over time and you will eventually get bored or unexcited about your possessions. while the happiness gained from enhancing life experiences Especially traveling There is no time limit. Happiness will stay with you for a long time, without disappearing. It will be a memory that is ready to appear in every moment that you have feelings for that place.

So don’t delay. Get out of bed and go to an event. Go out and learn something new. or make a cool trip go on a strange trip because that is the money on travel source of the best happiness meanwhile Anyone who is exhausted from work and feeling bored, don’t let yourself be like that for a long time. Because it can destroy your inspiration.

But if you come to a point. Where you can’t take it anymore You may start by leaving the old framework. then challenge yourself. Enter the field of applying for a new job again. To inspire new work opportunities. Maybe you will find the right job and one. That gives you a good experience with life.