What kind of “back pain” is it? What kind of disease is it?

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Different types of back pain It can tell us what disease we are suffering from.

No matter what age or gender, it is possible to have “back pain” because back pain comes from many causes. And the nature of pain can tell you what disease you may be at risk for.

Causes of back pain

Dr. Phadungchan Niwatphumin Brain and spinal nerve center Neurosurgeon Phyathai 2 Hospital identifies factors that cause as follows:

  • A mattress that is too hard or too soft Not anatomically correct
  • Lifting heavy things, carrying heavy things, bending over to lift things in the wrong way
  • Office Syndrome Sit and work for a long time or abnormal movement posture
  • osteoporosis or thin bones
  • Obesity or excessive body weight As a result, the spinal disc and coccyx are burdened more than other points.
  • smoking

What kind of back pain is it? What disease is it?

  • Back pain immediately after doing strenuous activity, such as lifting heavy objects.

Risk of muscle inflammation A herniated bone or disc สมัคร ufabet

  • Pain in the middle of the back

Risk of having problems with the spinal discs or spinal joints

  • Back radiating to the side

abnormal back muscles

  • Pain accompanied by numbness and weakness

nervous system abnormalities

  • The pain was like an electric shock.

There is a risk that the nerve may be compressed.

  • Back pain and fatigue

May be caused by muscles

What kind of back pain should you see a doctor for?

If you have body aches from sitting and working for a long time or lift heavy objects Try observing the symptoms for a while to see if they disappear or not. Is it better? and refrain from sitting in the same position for a long time or refrain from lifting heavy things And you may take painkillers or muscle relaxants if it hasn’t gotten better after 1-2 days. Or the pain is so great that you can’t stand it, you don’t have to wait, you can go see a doctor right away.

or another case If there is severe pain, such as pain radiating down the leg and spreading to the neck and shoulders Can’t lie down Including difficulty doing daily activities, difficulty getting up, walking, sitting, or standing, you should see a doctor immediately as well.