Juventus keen on Werner to add to their attacking line

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Juventus keen on Werner to add to their attacking line with Morata as another option.

Juventus have become the new name for another club. Showing interest in Chelsea striker Timo Werner

The 26-year-old spearhead is contracted to Chelsea until mid 2025. But his performance has failed to meet expectations following a €53 million move in 2020. However he remains his first choice at the moment. team Since the departure of Romelu Lukaku and the team is unable to close a deal for a new striker to replace it.

Juventus, under Max Allegri interest in him. Because I like the style of playing Which is sure to be able to fit in with the team’s plans very well. They want to make a loan offer to consider. As well as the team still wants to get Alvaro Morata back together again. In the case of Morata offer of 20 million euros has consider for Atletico Madrid. But has reject.

Negotiations on Werner’s deal are still pending between the two clubs. In the midst of the situation that both teams need a new attacking line to add to the team as well.

Chelsea high-speed striker Timo Werner admits he is very skeptical about. Why Blues fans around the world still love and support him despite moving at an expensive price but shooting. The goal was so few that it became an unsolvable problem until now.