Skamakka confident West Ham Is the right choice move the team

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Skamakka confident of West Ham Is the right choice to move the team.

New West Ham United striker Gianluca Skamakka has open up about choosing to join the Premier League for the first time.

The 23-year-old spearhead has signed for England for €42 million (€36 million + add-ons €6 million) and Sassuolo. Will receive a 10% share of the fee. If the next team transfer The players signed a five-year contract until mid 2027.

“I am very excited about this transfer. I’ve been waiting for a long time for a moment like this. Dreaming of playing in the Premier League once. I feel West Ham. It’s the perfect choice for me. They made it very clear that they want me to join the team. And when I spoke to the manager it reiterated that understanding. I’m looking forward to playing in front of the fans under a West Ham shirt.”

Last season, Skamacca made 36 appearances for the club, scoring 16 goals, and has already advanced to the senior Italy national team.

The Italy international, who held a record 16 goals in 36 league appearances last season, has officially signed a five-year contract with the Hammers. With the option of an automatic one-year contract extension

The UFABET reports. The deal said the deal was initially paid out at 30.5 million pounds. Add another £5 million bonus option in the future. West Ham have also link with Chelsea forward Armando Broya