Spurs interest Juventus midfielder McKenney

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Spurs interest Juventus midfielder McKenney.

Spurs have link with an interest in Juventus midfielder Weston McKenney. However it wasn’t easy when Juventus just lost Paul Pogba to a knee injury.

“Golden Spikes Chicken” with the transfer market in this round. They have already had up to 6 players and they are still looking for more options. Especially in Italy. Where Fabio Paratici, the team’s sporting director. A lot of experience and connections in Italy. 

Recently they have link with a bid for Juventus’ 23-year-old American midfielder McKenney again. From the fact that they used to have both Rodrigo Bentancur and Dejan Kuluchevski attended the event. And the work came out excellent.

According to UFABET media reports, McKenney, who has a contract until mid 2025, is worth around 35-40 million euros, despite the recent transfer of midfielder Paul Pogba to Juventus. With a knee injury. This deal may slow down. Or it might not happen at all, it’s also possible. 

McKenney join Juventus in 2020 and was a Paratici. Which brought to join the Juventus team. He was develop by the German club Schalke 04.

For McKenny moved from “Blue King” Schalke Of the Bundesliga, Germany on the past summer. with a loan agreement by playing 2 Serie A games