The Premier League and EFL are set to rule out football fans

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The Premier League and EFL to rule out football fans. Who will ban from playing immediately.

Premier League and the EFL have decide to ban fans. From running into the stadium as has happen several times in the past season. By ordering those fans to ban immediately. To increase the safety of the players on the field

English football last season became highly criticized. After many stadiums Several games last season saw a large crowd of fans rushing onto the pitch to celebrate the victory. or escape from relegation And that caused chaos. Or the issue of insecurity for players and staff, with examples in the game between Everton and Crystal Palace. After the game, Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira was provoked by fans. make things happen There are also many games that use fireworks or fireworks in the field. Which may cause harm or fire in the end

Therefore, the Football Association has decided to impose severe penalties for the entire club. and offenders as follows:

The FA will work with all clubs to improve methods for finding offenders. along with increasing the number of police dogs in each field

It has partnered with social media platforms to remove all videos related to illegal events. They are also preparing to talk to the government to limit the purchase of fireworks. Or will Pluk One, with the Premier League and EFL, work with the police to increase their requirements?

However, if there is an unauthorized intrusion into the racetrack Offenders will be banned from entering the race immediately.